Help with classes in php

Help with classes in php

class Controller {      protected $_controller;     protected $_action;     protected $_template;      public $doNotRenderHeader;     public $render;      function __construct($controller, $action) {          $this->_controller = ucfirst($controller);         $this->_action = $action;         $model = ucfirst($controller);/* Conecting the model  class*/         $this->doNotRenderHeader = 0;         $this->render = 1;         $modelName = ucfirst($model).'Model';         new $modelName;         $this->_template = new Template($controller,$action);      }      function set($name,$value) {         $this->_template->set($name,$value);     }       function __destruct() {         if ($this->render) {             $this->_template->render($this->doNotRenderHeader);         }     }  } 

I'm a newbie in working with classes , i don't understand so much , i want to implement and to study to work with classes this example of mvc structure , but i have a problem , with function set I'm saving into array , some information and then to sent inside class template , when i using inside function __construct I'm sending with set() function that have the role to save data into $this_template object, it's working ok , but when i'm creating a new function in this class or extended class , is not working ...

The question is - how to do , when i create a function in Controller class , to set in array the value that i need , to work with them inside class template :) thanks very much for helping ..and sorry for my English

class Template {     protected $variables = array();   function set($name,$value) { 	$this->variables[$name] = $value; }       function render(){         extract($this->variables); print_r($this->variables);     } } 

I need with function set() from Class Controller to export data inside class Template , and why when i creating a function inside Class Controller ex :

function functionName() {    $data=array('a','b');    $this->set('data',$data); } 

and inside class Template , i putting print_r($this->variables); , and the array is empty

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__construct($controller, $action) {          $this->_controller = ucfirst($controller); ...} 
What exactly is the type of variable $controller? is is a string, perhaps? and should it be called "controller_name"?.
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$model = ucfirst($controller);/* Conecting the model  class*/ ... 

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$modelName = ucfirst($model).'Model';
Isn't the ucfirst redundant on the second line?.
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new $modelName; 
should be .
Is there a way to force a classloader to load a package even if none of its classes have been loaded?
$this->somevariable = new Someclass($modelName); 
anyway, you have to go back to the drawing board and clean this up.

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Perhaps this is too complex of an exercise for your first project using classes..
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