Accessing GPS on Blackberry using Javascript and sending lat/long values to a server via url

Accessing GPS on Blackberry using Javascript and sending lat/long values to a server via url

When you obtain the lat/long values from a GPS enabled blackberry device, how do you send those values to a server via a url? By the way, I'm trying to do this in Javascript. "window.location.href=..." works fine on the iphone.

I was thinking something like this would work but it doesn't seem to:

function locationCB() { 	 							     window.location.href=""+blackberry.location.latitude+"/longitude:"+blackberry.location.longitude;     return true; }  if ( window.blackberry && blackberry.location.GPSSupported) {     	blackberry.location.onLocationUpdate("locationCB()");     	blackberry.location.setAidMode(2);     	blackberry.location.refreshLocation(); } 

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If the problem is to send data to server, try this:. http://www.any[page with gps gather code]?latitude=[value]&longitude=[value]. See
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