What is something you wish you had known sooner about the iPhone SDK?

What is something you wish you had known sooner about the iPhone SDK?

I'm interested in picking up some tips and tricks while learning about the SDK. What I am looking for something that you wish you had known getting started that would have benefited you now.

how to send objecs from an iPhone app to a server app using XML?


What dpi resolution is used for an iPhone App?

swipe to delete when already in edit mode


One of the things I wish I knew at the very beginning was how to download data in a non-blocking way, specifically using NSURLConnection.

The first versions of my apps suffered somewhat because I was using things like dataWithContentsOfURL:, which isn't a great idea on the iPhone, since you're never really sure what the network environment will be like for your users.

To make it worse, I was testing over a fiber connection at home with an iPod touch, when a large number of my users were using Edge on their iPhones..


If you want to use SQLite, go with either Core Data (available in 3.0) or FMDatabase (Flying Meat).

My first two apps, I wrote a customer wrapper and bound directly to SQLite.

I am currently using FMDatabase with a new application and have found the experience much nicer..


In the case of a lot of developers, including Google, I'm sure they wish they knew their app would be rejected once complete..


CoreData Bindings is not supported on the phone..


Use the Clang Static Analyzer. http://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/. It's great for finding reference counting issues -- I have never seen a false positive..


Regarding the table view speed check out Loren Brichter's blog post http://blog.atebits.com/2008/12/fast-scrolling-in-tweetie-with-uitableview/.

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