Is anyone testing Mono-Touch? [closed]

Is anyone testing Mono-Touch? [closed]

Is anyone on the site in the beta for MonoTouch? What issues have you been seeing with it?

I personally have found it a very nice little system and have just made a small test app with it. The test app seems to startup slowly, but it works on my device so I am happy to be using C# on the iPhone.

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If you have access to the monotouch mailing list you will find lots of useful information.. controls for iPhone development I for one found a couple of issues, mainly with the Interface Builder generating the C# code.. Generating Random Numbers in Objective C for iPhone SDK ananother one was an issue with MapKit where the app crashes. Obj-C… “Incompatible types in initialization” error. Javascript sort with function not working on iPhone Constant conversation on issues and ways to job around it are in the list and in #monotouch on the GIMP irc network.. SubViewTwoController undeclared (first use in this function) (obj-c)
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Monotouch: It's also using ZXing.Net.Mobile.MonoTouch. I just loved it. I don't know enough around beta version. I bought the professional license and I am happy with that. It's impressive how fast I must receive things running on C#. These 2 games are retina ready and optimized for iPhone 5. .

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