Can I close the iPhone browser using JavaScript

Can I close the iPhone browser using JavaScript

In the iPhone is there a way I can use JavaScript to close the browser and return to the home screen? After the last page a wizard I am calling out to another iPhone app (ex: maps) and I do NOT what the user to come back to the browser screen when they are done. My backup plan is to have a "Complete" page but that is not the best experience for the client.

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I have confirmed with apple this is not possible in iPhone OS 2.2 and before.. How can I move around and slide away a UIView with touches and swipes? I have tried each of these good suggestions although , they will not close the browser on the iPhone.. C# to iPhone dev [closed]
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Expanding on Anders: window.close() will did what you want. How can I scan barcodes on iOS?According to the Window doc page, if you try and close an window not opened via javascript, the user will be prompted to confirm. .


Knowing Apple, this may not be possible with JavaScript. Have you tried anything yet? If not, try one of these guys out:.
javascript:self.close(); window.close(); 
EDIT: I found this thru google, this may bypass the confirmation box, although I don't think it works with the modern browsers anymore:.
window.opener='x'; window.close(); 
I just checked, doesn't look like it will job (IE7 box pops up, FF3 does nothing, Opera 9.61 doesnt have a prompt box at all)..

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