Help on website optimization for iPhone

Help on website optimization for iPhone

We re trying to work on making a mobile version for one of our web applications, however we would like to make iPhone specific.

Are there any resources out there which provide best practice guidelines:

  • UI Guidelines, any .net control libraries which are iPhone specific.
  • Security guidelines - anything special that the iPhone Browser (mobile safari) has.
  • Usability Guidelines - navigation tips, button sizes, etc.

Anything else which will help us put together an app which looks native to iPhone.

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There are a couple of good articles on A List Apart:. How to specify an beginTime for an animation by using CFTimeInterval? Also, Apple have the Safari Web Content Guide which has lots of valulable information on configuring the Viewport when designing web content for the iPhone.. iPhone web application development [closed]
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Apple has a Web Apps Dev Center (free ADC account required).. Best Security Framework to secure and authenticate an iPhone app which uses REST? Also, recent versions of DashCode have built-in templates for iPhones websites. Some of those resources might be applicable..


Here are any design-resources:. Also, I think facebook open-sourced the javascript-API they built to make, although I can't find it at the moment...


I forgot to mention, iUI is a neat little CSS and JavaScript bundle specifically tarreceive ted at iPhone web apps. It will probably save you a lot of time..


You could check out this tutorial on #38: Basics & Tips on Designing for the iPhone.


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