Can I redirect output of a program to gvim?

Can I redirect output of a program to gvim?

I want to redirect the output of some Windows program directly to gvim basically for searching the output. Say for example the result of findstr cmd. Is it possible to do this without dumping it to a file and subsequently loading that file in gvim?

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dir | gvim - 
the - option tells vim to open stdin.
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This works for Windows and Linux versions..
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If you're already in Vim you can use the r command to read like this:.
:r !<cmd> 
:r !dir 


You can read it from vim with.
:r !dir (for example) 


AFAIK, there is no gvim on Mac OS.. If you are using MacVim on mac, this is what I do:.
dir | /Applications/ - 
When Vim starts in the terminal, then type.
That should start the MacVim (gui version of vim).

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